MadisonJay provides the solution


Navigating the regulatory thicket.

Regulatory Services


Realtime Updates

In a nascent industry, the rules are continually being reshaped.  For potential market entrants—whether studying a new industry or a new market—failure to keep abreast of those changes can lead to missed opportunities.  For current market participants, failure to keep abreast of those changes can leave operators at a strategic disadvantage, or worse, in violation of the rules with their licenses at risk. 

MadisonJay continually monitors these regulations and provides targeted updates to its clients on those changes, written in the clear language of business, not legalese.

You need to know about the changes that impact you and what they mean.  MadisonJay provides the solution.



Consulting & Advisory Services

MadisonJay doesn’t merely keep its clients up-to-date on the latest changes in the cannabis regulatory landscape.  It also provides expertise crafting industry-leading compliance solutions for its clients to leverage the opportunities those marijuana and hemp regulations provide.

You need help running a best-in-class compliance program that demonstrates your commitment to build a lasting legacy in the industry.  You want to capitalize on the opportunities available.  Your investors are demanding risk mitigation.  MadisonJay provides the solution.


Pre-Financing/Merger Risk Assessment

Regulatory compliance is at the core of the cannabis industry.  As a result, questions about regulatory compliance are an essential part of the diligence process for financing and mergers in the cannabis industry.

The MadisonJay team has conducted regulatory diligence on tens of billions of dollars of financings and mergers.  They use their expertise to walk clients through a regulatory risk assessment, permitting clients to understand issues today that may arise in a future financing or merger. 

For licensed businesses and ancillary alike, opportunities can be time-sensitive.  Knowing what can snag a deal is essential.  MadisonJay provides the solution.



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