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Multi-State Cannabis Brand Regulation

What you need to know to build a compliant multi-state brand


Operating in multiple states poses unique challenges in the world of state-regulated cannabis. But the opportunity to take a leadership position in this nascent industry is also very real.

Planning & Compliance

For a brand to operate in multiple states requires extensive pre-planning, and a deep understanding of compliance challenges and limitations operators may face in their target markets.

For example, if seeking a consistent consumer experience across markets, operators will need to understand the rules that govern product formulation, concentration limits, and design in each target market. But that planning cannot be static. Instead, savvy operators create these plans based on where they expect regulations to be in their target markets at the time they intend to launch in each market.

An Area of Elevated Risks

Building a multi-state brand involves navigating the elevated risks that face every operator in the launch market, layering on the challenges from each additional market, and then navigating a number of additional complexities that are unique to multi-state cannabis brands. Why do so many leading mutli-state brands retain MadisonJay? Simply put, building a multi-state cannabis brand requires strategic foresight and experience navigating the regulatory thicket. For many operators, that means bringing in a team with deep experience doing just that.