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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me?

If you’re looking for practical information on the latest changes in cannabis regulation or for guidance designing or revising your compliance program to best-in-class status, we’re ready to help you achieve it. 

What if I'm still studying the market?

We can help keep you up-to-date on the latest changes in the regulatory framework to help you understand when the conditions are right for you to enter the market.

Can you help me improve my existing compliance program?

Yes.  We can help you navigate the existing regulatory guidance to determine what elements of your compliance program you need, and how to tighten or replace elements that don’t provide value.

Can you help me design a new compliance program?

Yes.  We can help you design your compliance program from the ground up so that you have a best-in-class system in place from Day 1.

Can you help me in my jurisdiction?

Yes, MadisonJay can help you understand the federal and state rules applicable to adult-use cannabis and hemp-derived CBD in each jurisdiction in which state law has been amended to permit sales.

I know the law just changed.  Can you still help me?

This is a new industry, and the rules of the game are still very much in flux.  With change comes risk, but also opportunity for nimble, well-advised companies.  That’s where we come in.

Is MadisonJay Solutions owned by MHW, Ltd.? 

Nope.  MadisonJay was founded by executives who had worked together at MHW, but MadisonJay is not owned or controlled by MHW. 

That said, the MadisonJay team continues to believe that the MHW team is fantastic at what they do and suggests that anyone seeking services in the beverage alcohol industry reach out to MHW.