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Our latest thoughts on the world of adult-use cannabis regulations and compliance

What Will I Learn About Recreational Marijuana Regulation From This Blog?

This is an industry where information is power.  Whether it’s at an industry conference or a hearing for the latest revisions to a state’s adult-use cannabis regulations (or, sometimes, the person sitting next to us on our flights), everyone seems to have questions about marijuana regulation. 

So we wanted to make more information available to the public.  One piece of that is our Marijuana Compliance 101 section (  While that feature is designed to provide an introductory overview to the shape of the recreational cannabis industry, there are frequently one-off news stories and topics where we think our thoughts would be of general interest.  That’s what we hope to provide here on the blog.

Now, to answer the question hanging in the air.  At the risk of disappointing our new, free readership, this blog will not reach the level of granularity or be as comprehensive as the alerts that we provide as a component of every MadisonJay client’s package.  Think of this as a side project where we share our thoughts on interesting elements of the industry. 

So even if we can’t quit our (paid) day jobs, you can look forward to seeing posts when something comes up that we think fits well here.  And, of course, if there’s something you’re particularly curious about, just let us know.

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